270 Skyuka

In June of 1934, the National Council approved the Order of the Arrow as an affiliate to the Boy Scouts of America. Palmetto Council, before this time, had incorporated two other service organizations known as KANAWA and KUNIEA. During or about 1944, upon suggestions by the National Council, Palmetto adopted the service organization now known as the Order of the Arrow.

After research into the cultural background of the area, it was decided the Lodge name would be SKYUKA. It would be named after an American Indian who escorted colonial soldiers through the woods of the Green River valley up through what is now Camp Bob Hardin (Previously Camp Palmetto), to the top of a nearby mountain where the soldiers surprised and defeated the unsuspecting Cherokees. Skyuka was later captured by Indians who cut out his tongue and left him to die on the face of a cliff.


Skyuka Lodge 270 Already Looking Forward To The 2015 NOAC

Designed to commemorate those Skyuka delegates who attended the 2012 NOAC event while raising funds to help cover the cost of transportation for those who plan to attend the 2015 100th Anniversary NOAC event, only 50 of this set were ever produced available for purchase. Submitted by Lodge Editor Doug Bartlett Please Leave Comments Below!

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Memorabilia History

The History of the Skyuka Indian on the Mountain Patch & Caldwell Pins

About 1950 the lodge decided to create it’s own unique “patch.” A committee within the organization was formed to develop an emblem. The first lodge patch was a green triangle with an outline of Skyuka Mountain on it.  It is commonly known as “The Indian on the Mountain”.  The first versions of this patch had …Read More

The Legend of the Double Headed Thunderbird of Skyuka 270

During the first few years of Skyuka Lodge there were no volunteer advisors. Franklin Chase, a Field Scout Executive, was selected to be the professional advisor and he remained in that position for several years before the first Lodge Advisor or Chief. Finally, upon mutual agreement by the lodge and the Palmetto Council Camping Committee, …Read More

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