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Muscogee 221 YS2 Prototype

Elusive Muscogee Lodge 221 Prototype I’ve sent this in to but they don’t appear eager to update the Muscogee Lodge listing.   I traded for this prototype with Jason around the winter of 1992 and it’s the only one that I’ve ever seen in nearly 20 years of collecting. This one has been tucked …Read More

Eswau’s Unofficial Dixie Neckerchiefs

Eswau Huppeday Unofficial Dixie Fellowship Neckerchiefs Finally the truth has been told on blog by no other than Jimmy Arthurs. Six neckerchiefs all fake in my opinion due to them being private issued. ZN2? R M/C BLK patterned “Batman” cloth; issued for 2007 Dixie Fellowship ZN3? R M/C BLU patterned “Batman” cloth; issued for …Read More

1910 – 1960 North Carolina Boy Scout Camp Insignia

North Carolina Boy Scout Camps – The First Fifty Years Larry Lane recorded a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation on the early history of Boy Scout camps in North Carolina (video link below!).  Here is a summary of his findings.  Please watch the video to see some great images he included. Types of Councils In the …Read More

Doc Southard Shares His Un A Li’yi Knowledge

Jim Southard is a collecting legend in the Carolinas having caught the bug way back in the 1950s.  He is very passionate about his home council and lodge.  During a Digital Cracker Barrel organized by John Pleasants with help from Larry Lane, Doc Southard shared what he knows about the Native America issues from Un …Read More

1956 Dixie Fellowship Sign Blows Them Away

For the website I don’t usually make posts about individual items for sale but this one caught my attention. Somehow a seller in Iowa ended up with a sign that somebody grabbed as a souvenir from the 1956 Dixie Fellowship held at Camp Old Indian. Whoever created the sign had some skill. It’s a piece …Read More

Occoneechee 2020 Patch Set Honors The Military

Occoneechee Lodge 104 Patch Set for 2020 The Occoneechee Lodge’s themed event set + 1 for 2020…”Salute to the Military.” The Air Force Thunderbirds is an “R” issue but it completes the set and what would the set be without the AF Thunderbirds for a Lodge that utilizes the Thunderbird as our totem. Since the …Read More